Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Cabellos seized and imprisoned

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A prominent Venezuelan opposition leader has been jailed again after intelligence agents picked him up at his home before dawn on Saturday, a move the government said was necessary to prevent acts of violence but which has alarmed opposition and human rights groups. Venezuelan president warns rivals: ‘Did you see what happened in Turkey?’ Read Read More

White House Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Systematic Obstruction Of Transparency

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  White House Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Systematic Obstruction Of Transparency Ethan Barton       U.S. President Barack Obama speaks as he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hold a news conference at Schloss Herrenhausen in Hanover, Germany April 24, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque   A government watchdog dropped a lawsuit Monday targeting 11 federal agencies, the Office Read More

Italy earthquake: investigation launched as nation mourns

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Italian magistrates are to investigate whether companies ignored anti-seismic regulations when restoring public buildings, such as a school in Amatrice that was reduced to rubble in last week’s earthquake. “Everyone suspects such a tragedy was not just a question of destiny,” said Giuseppe Saieva, chief prosecutor in the provincial capital of Rieti, north of Rome, Read More

Italy holds mass state funeral for earthquake victims

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Italy has held an emotionally charged funeral for dozens of its earthquake victims as the country observes a national day of mourning for the disaster that killed 291 people and wounded hundreds more. The Italian president, Sergio Mattarella, the prime minister, Matteo Renzi, and other leaders were among hundreds who sat solemnly behind 35 coffins Read More

Google Fiber Being Rejected By The World Because Google Spies on Users and abuses their private data

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Google Fiber reportedly ordered to cut costs, downsize Building a fiber-based network is expensive and time-consuming. The company is said to have fallen “well short” of its subscriber goals.   by Carrie Mihalcik @CDMihalcik Google Fiber’s ultrafast 1Gbps broadband service may not be going fast enough. Google Fiber, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, Read More

Cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade shot dead while pushing baby in stroller

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Nykea Aldridge, a cousin of the NBA star Dwyane Wade, was shot and killed in Chicago on Friday, while pushing her baby in a stroller near a school where she intended to register her children. On Twitter, Wade lamented what he called another “act of senseless gun violence”. A day later, also on Twitter, Donald Read More

Heckling and gunfire as police investigate shooting:“You’re African-American, boy. You act like you’re white. You must not know you black.”

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Three gunshots cracked the air close to where police were investigating a West Englewood shooting early Friday. “Run, b—-, run!” a young shirtless man shouted as officers sprinted down an alley to check out the gunfire. Then, with mock concern, he added: “Hey, there’s somebody dead in the alley!” There was no one dead in the alley. Read More

Rudy Giuliani suggests Muslims on US watchlist should wear GPS bracelets

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Former New York City mayor, who is advising Donald Trump on national security, says electronic tags should be considered for those on terrorism lists Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has suggested the US government should put electronic monitoring bracelets on Muslims who are on the federal government’s terror watchlist. “I would think that’s Read More

More Leaked Documents: Google’s Dirty Tricks Campaigns Exposed in New Leaks

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More Leaked Documents: Google’s Dirty Tricks Campaigns Exposed in New Leaks New document leaks have delivered legal documents for some sort of case, or investigation, against the U.S.A’s Google, Inc. and it’s associated entity called Alphabet, Inc. Hackers seem to be having a field day with the rich-and-mighty these days. Take a look at this Read More

The Cartels of Silicon Valley

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The Cartels of Silicon Valley   by Dean Baker     Mark Ames published an article that should forever destroy any connection between the Silicon Valley tech billionaires and libertarian worldviews. The article reports on a court case that alleges that Apple, Google, and other Silicon Valley powerhouses actively conspired to keep their workers’ wages down. According Read More

After Solyndra, where did the rats run when the ship sank?

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One Year After Solyndra Collapse, Where Are They Now? By Yuliya Chernova The bankruptcy of Solyndra LLC, announced Aug. 31, 2011, was a major blow to investors, top executives, and employees of the once-promising solar company, as well as to government officials that provided major support. Now, at the one-year anniversary of its stunning collapse, Read More

Man called the Fake Beard Bandit charged ​over Toronto crossbow attack

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A man once dubbed the Fake Beard Bandit as a suspect in a string of bank robberies and due to be married in three weeks has been charged in connection with a bloody crossbow attack that left three people dead in a middle-class Toronto suburb. Wearing white coveralls and fumbling with his fingers, Brett Ryan, Read More

Syria: evacuation of rebels and families from Darayya under way

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Aid workers have begun evacuating thousands of civilians from Darayya, a suburb of Damascus subjected to four years of siege and whose last remaining hospital was destroyed last week by an airstrike. Rebels to surrender Syrian town of Darayya to Assad’s forces Read more The evacuation, which will leave behind none of Darayya’s original residents, Read More

Hillary Clinton denies foundation donors’ influence – campaign live

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Clinton says ‘outside forces’ did not affect policy decisions . Trump campaign chief registered to vote at unoccupied Florida home What is the Clinton Foundation? Are the rumors ‘smoke without fire’? 7.36pm BST Which is your favorite? OMG. Trump campaign store out with new apparel 7.29pm BST In 2004 Donald Trump told CNN that Read More

BURNING MAN! Uncovered

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BURNING MAN! Uncovered BURNING MAN! Uncovered   CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY: Burning Man Chronicles           Brock Turner rapes, Buddhists, burning man, burning man bugs, Burning Man date rape, Burning Man Fly Ranch, Burning Man investigation, Burning Man Playa, burning man rapes, Burning Man Tax Evasion, burning man tax investigation, Read More

Burning Man to create giant permanent sex city enhanced by drugs

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  Site will be dedicated to racism, mysogyny, sexual objectification of women, drugs and yuppie rich-boy narcissism     The nearly all white rich boy cult camp is moving to Fly Ranch where it can permanently force naive young women to dress like sluts, continue to lock out all blacks, take even more drugs and Read More

France’s highest court suspends burkini ban in test case

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France’s highest administrative court has suspended a ban on the burkini in a Riviera coastal town after a challenge by rights groups. The ruling from the state council suspends a single decree against full-body swimsuits issued by the mayor in the southern resort of Villeneuve-Loubet, near Nice. But it is likely to set a precedent Read More

Inside the Secret Life of Google’s Tech VC and His $10 Million Anal Sex Slave Infidelity

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  Michael Goguen has departed Sequoia Capital after facing sex abuse allegations.   Lizette Chapman @lizette_chapman         Michael Goguen in 2012.   Photographer: Lido Vizzutti/Flathead Beacon       Michael Goguen liked his privacy.   In the world of startups, full of bombast and self-promotion, the soft-spoken venture partner at Sequoia Capital specialized Read More

A Case Example of The Corruption That Let’s American’s Down:

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One of the charges against Elon Musk is that he works with Goldman Sachs and  Kleiner Perkins to exploit illicit mining commodity deals from off-shore  interests. The Frank Guistra case has highlighted to power of such deals. Indeed, Goldman Sachs and Kleiner Perkins has been, instrumentally, connected  financially, transactionally, politically and personnel-based, to every Musk Read More

All iPhones totally and completely hacked

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Apple boosts iPhone security after Mideast spyware discovery   By RAPHAEL SATTER and DANIELLA CHESLOW Associated Press   AP Photo/Jon Gambrell               Latest News Apple boosts iPhone security after Mideast spyware discovery             Photo Gallery Say Hello to iPhone   Latest News Apple boosts Read More

NBC won’t broadcast Rio Olympics opening ceremonies live

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NEW YORK – Olympics fans hoping that a Games in the Americas would persuade NBC to finally broadcast the Opening Ceremonies live have been left disappointed again. Even though Rio de Janeiro’s time zone is just one hour ahead of the East Coast of the United States, the much-watched spectacle will be televised and streamed Read More

All Russian athletes to be banned from Paralympic Games in Rio

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The International Paralympic Committee is set to do what its Olympic counterpart did not and ban Russia outright from its Games later this month, the Observer has learned. In the wake of the publication of Professor Richard McLaren’s report that revealed jaw-dropping details of systemic doping in Russia, the IPC provisionally suspended Russia from the Read More

Luc Besson told to pay €450,000 for plagiarism of John Carpenter classic

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The French filmmaker Luc Besson has been ordered to pay Hollywood’s self-styled “master of horror”, John Carpenter, nearly €450,000 (£379,000) for plagiarising his classic 1981 movie Escape from New York, according to a report published online on Friday. The director of The Fifth Element and Nikita had denied that his 2012 film Lockout copied the Read More

Credits fueled Tesla stock sale? Tesla manipulating stock reports?

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MONEY How Investors May Be Getting Fooled by Buybacks NEW YORK March 11, 2014 (AP) By BERNARD CONDON AP Business Writer If you’re puzzled why the U.S. stock market has risen so fast in a slow-growing economy, consider one of its star performers: DirecTV. The satellite TV provider has done a great job slashing expenses Read More

White House Beats Up EU to Protect White House Campaign Financier: APPLE

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US in last-ditch effort to quash Brussels tax demand on Apple Barney Jopson in Washington and Arthur Beesley in Brussels Print Clip Comments ©AFP Apple’s offices on Half Moon Street in Cork, Ireland The US has launched a stinging attack on the European Commission in a last-ditch bid to dissuade Brussels from hitting Apple with Read More

(ARTICLE) The United States Department of Energy defrauded hundreds of American companies and tens of thousands of domestic workers

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The United States Department of Energy defrauded hundreds of American companies and tens of thousands of domestic workers By EVPI Just prior to President Obama’s election, United States Department of Energy officials made arrangements with Silicon Valley campaign financing billionaires to exclusively hand them hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in exchange for their support. Read More

Here are the alarming 98 facts and secrets Facebook knows about YOU

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FACEBOOK SNOOPING ADMISSION Here are the alarming 98 facts and secrets Facebook knows about YOU Facebook combines these 98 things with over a thousand things from other social networks and credit card services to build a 10,000 item personal file on you and to know the ways to subliminally influence your voting and buying decisions Read More

Eric Schmidt’s preening wanna-be spy posers piss off the actual CIA

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Eric Schmidt’s preening wanna-be spy posers piss off the actual CIA         “Poser: (pejorative, slang) A poseur; someone who affects some behaviour, style, attitude or other condition, often to impress or influence others; faker; impostor; pretentious …”   – Wiktionary, The Free Dictionary       Silicon Valley billionaires are known for Read More

As Twitter dies, a bigger new Tweet Site Has Taken Off: GAB

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Meet the CEO of Gab, The Free Speech Alternative to Twitter by Charlie Nash     I recently got the chance to sit down and talk to Andrew Torba, CEO of, a new freedom of speech-focused social network. Though the Twitter-style network was only launched last Monday and is still very much in early beta, Read More

Fixing Washington: The Specific Steps –

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Fixing Washington: The Specific Steps – We have asked everybody to send in their best single sentence solutions. This Story will continually grow and evolve over time. Check back. ——————————————————————- We hire the most connected and not the most talented, switch that around. TA ——————————————————————- Change the program from one of policy based around rich Read More

Let’s take a look at Musk’s criminality

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Let’s take a look at Musk’s criminality: This abusive billionaire got all of his companies funded with the corruption of taxpayer money in exchange for bribes to Feinstein and White House staff. Driving a Tesla supports political payola & racketeering. Tesla batteries have burned drivers alive & release fumes which cause: cancer, brain/liver/lung damage & Read More

Why Hillary Clinton’s Silicon Valley-based Campaign Has Failed Horrifically

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Opinion Building a frothing hatred of Trump using the internet has only stirred up the 10% of voters who actually use the internet. In fact, most voters never even touch the internet. The battle-of-wills on Facebook and Twitter means almost nothing to the voting populace. Hillary Clinton hired her whole campaign staff from tech companies Read More

Two Rwandan mayors jailed for life over 1994 massacre

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Two former Rwandan mayors accused of orchestrating the massacre of hundreds of Tutsis during the country’s 1994 genocide have been jailed for life in a landmark ruling. The Paris court said on Wednesday that Octavien Ngenzi, 58, and his predecessor Tito Barahira, 64, were guilty of crimes against humanity, “massive and systematic summary executions” and Read More

Many Egyptian pilgrims killed in Saudi Arabia bus crash

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At least 19 dead and 25 injured after bus carrying 43 Egyptians overturned on road between Medina and Mecca At least 19 people have been killed and 25 injured after a bus filled with Egyptian pilgrims crashed in Saudi Arabia, according to Egyptian media reports. The bus was carrying 43 Egyptians and a driver whose Read More

McKinsey Consulting

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McKinsey Consulting —————————————— See: The Power of the contrived White Paper, From UCLA See also Matt Rogers HERE>>> ———————————- Opening Remarks In Rajartnam Trial: “Greed And Corruption … Mar 9, 2011 … THE RAJ TRIAL BEGINS: “Greed And Corruption — That’s What This …. a discussion with his brother about a McKinsey consultant who is Read More

Oracle Funds Effort To Expose Google’s Criminality

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Oracle Funds Anti-Google Effort 39 Kimberly White / Getty by Chriss W. Street21 Aug 2016Newport Beach, CA0 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER   The Oracle Corporation is using its deep financial resources to fund the “Google Transparency Project,” which has set up headquarters in Washington, D.C. with a mission to “out” Google’s dicey lobbying practices and Read More


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Chevron has had every document on this site in their files since the day each document was originally published. Chevron even paid to make some of these documents and then hushed them up Read More

Japanese Olympic champion racks up $5,000 bill playing Pokémon Go in Brazil

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(Koji Watanabe/Getty Images) Tweet Share Share on Facebook Tweet Share Pin Share A Japanese Olympics star has blamed Pokémon Go after being hit with a 500,000 yen (about $5,000) bill in roaming charges from his carrier. Artistic gymnast Kohei Uchimura, who won gold at the 2012 Games in London and is the reigning world champion, Read More

LinkedIn is now the ultimate site for wild sex with rich executives

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  Living Forget Tinder, professionals are using LinkedIn to hook up By Virginia Backaitis When Andrew Marcus, the 27-year-old CEO and founder of, was in need of a new tennis pro for his sports coaching startup in 2013, he immediately logged on to LinkedIn. He was cruising members with the proper credentials when he happened Read More


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Hillary Clinton’s ‘hacked’ Benghazi emails: FULL RELEASE RT AND GUCCIFER RELEASE EMAILS Get short URL On the back of widespread public interest RT has decided to publish in their entirety a series of memos which were allegedly sent from a one-time White House aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. TagsHillary Clinton, Terrorism, Internet, Read More

Google has become: THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH, by manipulating search results on behalf of its crazy billionaires ideologies

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Google has become: THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH, by manipulating search results on behalf of its crazy billionaires ideologies ### Google executives found to have ordered manual manipulation of search results, in order to damage competitors and revenge political offenses FOR OVER TEN YEARS ### A system in Google’s corporate offices allows “selected targets” to be Read More