Top Tesla PR Department LIES:

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Top Tesla PR Department LIES:

Tesla is a “Success Story”- LIE!

Fraud Lawsuits, fires, explosions, injured workers, low sales, corruption, multiple investigations, Lemon Law violations, extensive owner defect reports, real estate fraud investigation, and more…

Tesla “paid back” it’s Department of Energy “Loan”- LIE!

Tesla still gets over a hundred million dollars in subsidies, every year, from your tax money and the damage to the market, the economy, NUMMI job reduction and sabotage to competitors continues to rise in cost while the founders, and their investors, are buying escorts with your tax money.

Tesla’s are “Selling like hotcakes”- LIE!

For the amount of money blown on Tesla, it has the lowest sales per volume investment dollar of ANY CAR IN WORLD HISTORY!

Tesla’s are “Green”, “Cleantech” clean energy cars- LIE!

It uses more toxic materials to make and run a Tesla than any other car IN THE WORLD! The Afghan war may have been advanced in order to get lithium and indium for Tesla and Solyndra for Tesla’s investors.

Tesla’s are “Safe”- LIE!

There are multiple police homicide charges on Tesla owners; by %, there are more drunk driver arrests in Tesla’s than almost any other car; Tesla’s release cancer causing smoke, brain damaging smoke & neurological damaging smoke when they burn; An inordinate number of Tesla’s have blown up; The 7000+ lithium ion batteries in the Tesla have 7000+ chances of going off when any one of them gets wet or banged; Tesla’s have had multiple recalls for fires including fires which burned people’s homes; Tesla’s go faster when you accelerate and cause more accidents because drivers lose control;

Tesla is the “people’s electric car”- LIE!

Tesla was created by billionaires for billionaires in order to exploit certain minerals for their investment funds, nobody can ever afford one, they were born in corruption in a Washington DC kickback scheme. Tesla investors have bribed a large number of federal agency heads who were then forced to quit.

Tesla’s are the “best made cars” with “the highest consumer satisfaction”- LIE!

Tesla bought and paid for all of it’s “Consumer PR ratings”. There are hundreds of defects noted in online owner posts. Even Elon Musk is quoted in interviews saying he has to “look at each car individually” because they each have problems. Google’s owners also co-own Tesla so Google makes sure no actual stories about Tesla’s problems get out on the internet.

There are tens of thousands of evidence items proving that Tesla is lying. That evidence is posted here, at the GAO, in the U.S. Congress and other locations you can easily find.

More coming…


Now that we all know that Tesla is tainted, and, basically an embarrassment to drive, how about an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage as the coolest car?



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