The Horrible Thing That Silicon Valley Is Secretly Doing To You, and Your Family

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The Horrible Thing That Silicon Valley Is Secretly Doing To You, and Your Family

John Doerr, the head of Kleiner Perkins Investment Company, had some friends at the CIA.

They told Doerr, and the Kleiner Team, about the psychological warfare process whereby mental buttons could be pushed that you did not even know you had. Your mental mood buttons can be pushed, by website technology, in a way that you will never even know you were manipulated.

It was described as: “like stroking a woman’s clitoris, to get her to have sex you, without her knowing you are doing it”

The Kleiner collaborates, almost all male, kind of liked the concept. It was like legalized mental date rape without the victim knowing that it had happened. It was like “Roofies” for marketing and political manipulation.

Using money from a CIA knock-off group called In-Q-Tel; Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter and the core of the Silicon Valley data-harvesting empire took off.

The companies agreed to put their login buttons on each other’s websites so you could sign up with the other one’s login so that your activity was sucked into a common surveillance file. They co-promoted each other as if they were the only solution and they shared everything, with each other, ad agencies, the NSA, CIA and political strategists; all without your knowledge.

Their biggest secret was that “sharing” something on the internet actually meant that you were spying on yourself on behalf of somewhat sinister third parties.

Subliminal advertising and mood-manipulation tricks your brain into doing things that you would not normally do if you were not being manipulated. It is impossible for you to see that it is happening to you. Some of the brain tricks are designed to take months to take effect so that the microscopic changes in content, adjacent text positioning and emphasis can never be noticed by you.

It is mental rape. It is the control of your thoughts and the theft of your privacy without your knowledge. Google says that “they fully inform you” that they are doing this in their massively legal huge Terms of Service agreement that no living human can possibly understand.

When you use the Silicon Valley Company’s websites, remember Ashley Madison. See how much info Ashley Madison had on each person and the destruction it has caused in the wrong hands?



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