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The Mind-boggling Array of Google Sex Scandals

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The Mind-boggling Array of Google Sex Scandals Sergey Brin, Top Google Executive, Splits From Wife – Sex Scandals … Aug 30, 2013 … In a story rocking the tech world, the company’s billionaire co-founder Sergey Brin has split from his wife of six-years, 23andMe co-founder …,,20730543,00.html – View by Ixquick Proxy – Highlight Google Founder Read More

Google Anal Sex Scandals Get Even Weirder

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Ex-stripper describes 13-year nightmare as tech titan’s sex slave By Joe Tacopino Michael Goguen Photo: AP A Silicon Valley Google venture capitalist has been sued for $40 million by a woman who claims he used her as a virtual sex slave for 13 years. Modal Trigger Michael Goguen, who had worked for a firm that funded Read More


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Case Overview Delivered to U.S. Congress: (Click On each highlighted item to see the video explanation from news broadcasts. Over 800,000 pages of paper evidence also exist in multiple federal repositories.) ⊗ A group of Silicon Valley investors received some documents from some “friends” stating that there was “A trillion dollars of lithium in Afghanistan“. Read More

-Another Bizarre Google Key Player Death! Murders or just coincidence?

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Another Bizarre Google Key Player Death! The Silicon Valley Murders (or just coincidence)? Rajeev Motwani invented the mood manipulation and page ranking system that Google now uses as it’s key technology. According to many in Silicon Valley, Rajeev taught the technology to Google’s founders, who made “Google” with the information. Then Rajeev, in perfect health, Read More