Take this list to Elon Musk. Hand it to him. Ask him to prove to you, with proof, that the U.S. Congress can confirm, or deny, that he either did, or did, not lie to you, the taxpayer, about these things:

– Tesla has been charged with covering up the fact that hackers have been hacking their cars and taking the cars over for at least 4 years. Elon Musk, do you deny this?

– Your employees have been burned alive and set on fire by your own factories. Was there an OSHA investigation of these incidents?

– Has your company, or anyone associated with your company, ever hired multitudes of fake bloggers, and Troll Farms,  to post fake positive reviews about Tesla motors in order to simulate interest?

– Has Tesla Motors ever compensated a publisher, or industrial rating company, for positive reviews or ratings?

– Does Tesla Motors believe that the coordinated manipulation of the public perception of a company, trading on the stock market, via the dissemination of inaccurate data by the companies spokespeople is not stock fraud and a violation of SEC laws?

– What percentage of Tesla Motors do Google’s investors, staff and executives own cumulatively and has Google ever rigged search engine results in order to push your personal self-promotion to the front page of Google, while hiding any negative articles about you?

– How much money did those Tesla/Google investors contribute to election campaigns from 2007 to today? Which campaigns? Did the winners in any of those campaigns award U.S. taxpayer funds to the portfolio companies of those investors? How much money?

– When Tesla Motors applied for the Department of Energy funds Elon Musk stated that Tesla was in exceptional financial health, yet now Elon Musk, and his senior staff, have been recorded stating that the company was nearly bankrupt then. In light of these more recent revelations, is that not a felony violation of the federal “Section 136 Law” which states that ‘a company cannot be on the verge of bankruptcy or it shall not receive Department of Energy funds’? New disclosures show that Tesla stated information in it’s federal application which Tesla’s founders and staff have stated they knew was false at the time. Should Tesla be prosecuted for this?

– Did Deloitte, under contract to Tesla, arrange false accounting via the Tesla Wells Fargo bank account while Deloitte was also acting, in conflict of interest, as the Department of Energy reviewer of applicants?

– You lied about asking NHTSA for a safety review. They asked for one, you did not. You never completed the safety review. You were afraid of the results. You paid to have the safety review cut-off. Is that not corruption?

– Does Tesla Motors have a confidential relationship with a national group of reporters, from different publications, who have agreed to release Tesla-positive news spin stories on a synchronized basis, at the same time, in order to coverup Tesla investigation disclosures and artificially accelerate stock market vales? Has Tesla Motors arranged with Google to have negative Tesla Motors stories down-ranked while having positive Tesla stories up-ranked? Would that be considered stock fraud?

– You batteries cause cancer, brain damage, fetal damage and liver damage from the fumes they emit, when they catch on fire. This is a proven fact. Why are you refusing to disclose this to your buyers?

– How many Senators and their families, that you are aware of, own stock in Tesla Motors?


– Were you, Elon Musk, promised any NASA contracts, in advance of the closure of a portion of NASA, in exchange for campaign funding from Tesla and Google investors?

– How many Senators, their families and Google-related investors, that you are aware of, hold stock in lithium-ion battery related companies?

– Has Steven Chu, the former head of the Department of Energy, ever had a personal relationship with any Tesla staff or investors?

– Has Senator Dianne Feinstein, or her family, ever had a personal relationship with any Tesla staff or investors?

– Why are Tesla and Solyndra on the same physical plot of land controlled by Dianne Feinstein’s family funds?

– Has anyone from Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office also worked for Tesla Motors and/or Solyndra?

– Has anyone associated with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s family, named Herb, ever supplied staffing services to Tesla and Solyndra?

– Has anyone associated with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s family had any relationship with the real estate transactions involving Tesla and/or Solyndra real estate?

– Panasonic, your battery partner, has been charged with organized crime, dumping, price fixing, the deaths of thousands of battery workers from toxic poisoning and with building lethal battery factories that destroyed all of the towns near them. Is that a problem?

– Do your battery packs release toxic and/or cancer causing fumes when they burn?

– What was your relationship with Eric Strickland, the head of the National Highway Transportation safety agency who quit his job 48 hours after being notified that the toxic Tesla report he knew about was going public?

– Did you falsify lithium-ion safety reports?

– Bernard Tse, your battery program director, and 7 other senior staff, provided your company with numerous severely concerning lithium-ion safety reports which were never presented to the Department of Energy. Were these reports covered up because the Senators and Investors of Google and Tesla all have ownership interest in the lithium-ion industry?

– Have you, Elon Musk, ever spied on his own employees and competitors?

– Have you, Elon Musk, ever undertaken sabotage programs against his competitors?

– Did your SEC filings use tax credits from the White House to make Tesla look like it had profits?

– What was Tesla’s debt ratio at the time that Tesla applied for the DOE loan? Why do you think Tesla had the worse debt ratio of any applicant yet Tesla was awarded funds with almost no review?

– Why has Tesla spent billions, and a decade, to only sell a few cars when all of your competitors have done 20 times better on less money and in less time? Why are over 200 technical problems with the car documented online by Tesla owners yet you say nothing about those problems? Why are you being sued for fraud under the Federal “Lemon Law”?

– Why were your cars $100,000.00 over budget PER CAR, at the time of your Department of Energy loan application, yet nobody at the DOE commented about that in their review notes?

– Did Steven Chu’s senior staff: Matt Rogers and Steven Spinner have any relationship with Tesla-related investors prior to Chu hiring them at the DOE? Was it coincidental that McKinsey Consulting, the company they worked for, produced all of the pitch documents for the White House and Congress, which were used to steer the Federal funds to Tesla Motors?

– Was Tesla Motors funded as a gift to campaign investors?

– Are you trying to build a battery factory not far from Mexico in order to take advantage of Mexican workers? Are you concerned that most battery factory workers in China were poisoned with toxins? Are you concerned that your battery factory will ENCOURAGE immigration abuse and devastate our border?

– The founders ex-partners, investors, buyers, suppliers, employees and ex wives have sued you, Elon Musk, for fraud? What does that say about you Mr. Musk?

– Did California State Officials, in Sacramento, California, ever manipulate tax laws and decisions to exclusively benefit Tesla Motors in exchange for perks?

– What percentage of your buyers have killed members of the public with their Tesla Vehicles? Why is that number, in relative terms, higher than any other car company? How many Tesla drivers have been killed?

– Tesla also had Department of Energy cash participation fee waived, per your own staff in public comment. When all other companies were required to pay the fee, why was Tesla waived?

– According to staff aides, former DOE staff and finance controllers, Rahm Emanual and David Axelrod, while in the White House, “ordered Tesla to be funded even though Tesla was noted as an unsound company by finance consultants to the Government”.

– Former DOE staff, and White House aides, have stated that the Tesla “wave through” was a kickback to Tesla’s and Googles investors who were massive campaign donors.(Google co-owns Tesla- Hence Google never allows any actual negative news about Tesla on it’s servers). Is that true?

– Former NASA staff, and engineers, have stated that they were fired and the exact same portion of NASA shut down, that Tesla’s Space X company then immediately took over as an additional kickback to Tesla and Google investors. Those investors: in Tesla, Google, and Space X, are all the same campaign contributors. Was that a campaign financing kick-back?

– You have spent more money to sell less cars than any car company in history? Are you just a money laundering front for campaign cash?

– Have White House staff agreed to protect Tesla, at all costs, in order to keep Mitt Romney’s prediction from coming true and to cover campaign billionaires?

– Do your VC investors pump the stock market rating by buying their own Tesla stock when bad news comes out about Tesla in order to create a synthetic cover-story short term stock rise?


p class=”MsoNormal”>– Mr. Musk, we have over 1000 other incriminating facts to ask you about, when may we cover the rest of these questions…?



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