Google Charged With Crimes

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“GOOGLE IS A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION”- Report by Investigative Reporters Group

From The Report By The Alliance of Investigative Reporters:

Google is a criminal organization operating in felony violation of numerous City, State, Federal and Constitutional laws.

They are protected from prosecution because The Beneficiary of their crimes: The White House, appointed the heads of the major law enforcement agencies with orders to leave Google alone.

Additionally, The White House has hired and appointed Google staff to major federal positions in order to protect Google’s interests.

Google operates as a front for the CIA, NSA and DNC interests in order to harvest taxpayers intents and subliminally direct their political and buying interests via their page-ranking mood manipulation technology.

Google conduits campaign and issue funding from the U.S. Treasury to White House approved political campaigns via tens of millions of dollars of cash Google receives from the U.S. Treasury, at regular intervals as “service fees”. When confronted, Google claims it is “charging the U.S. for documentation services”. In a U.S. Federal Court, Investigators recently uncovered Google’s attempt to delete court records of it’s carte blanche opening of the public’s emails, in advance of the public even reading their emails.

While the low level workers at Google believe they are working on “wonderful technologies for the future”, The Board of Directors at Google is directing them with the purpose of using those technologies for nefarious purposes.

A higher than normal incident of over-the-top sex scandals, sex clubs, deaths-by-hooker, and escort services incidents are documented around Google, indicating a failed ethics compass within the organization.

Rajeev Motwani, the man who taught Google’s founders the code, was found floating dead in his silicon valley swimming pool from “an unexpected heart attack”. Some say he was killed to shut him up. Over 23 unexpected, convenient deaths are associated with Google.

Eric Schmidt runs a stealth organization called: The New America Foundation. This group is an Illuminati-like political policy direction manipulation organization to conduit billionaire cash into Washington decisions benefitting their business’s and egos.

Google manipulates the news and rankings of the internet in order to improve the appearance of the stock value of it’s associated Silicon Valley VC’s and down-grade the public perception of their enemies.

Google is a monopoly. Google violates Monopoly laws but the White House orders them protected.

Google uses their control of internet perceptions to target and character assassinate reporters, activists and politicians that speak out against them or their VC’s interests.

Because all traditional law enforcement routes against Google have been compromised. The only U.S. Option left is for the public to demand the appointment of A Special Prosecutor. The public should send this report to every elected official and newsdesk and make this demand in writing, in volume.”

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